The eagle’s nest

1400980_12904518Have you ever considered how much our lives mirror the natural wonders of the animal kingdom?

I often refer to the sea to describe the ebb and flow of our daily lives, but I recently learned of another comparison that was truly amazing.

Eagles, by nature, begin to make their nests with rocks and thorny twigs, then they add fur and hide from the animals they kill to make it soft and comfortable. It’s a great place for their children to be born into, grow up in, and continue to live. They prepare for their offspring much as new human parents prepare for our little bundles of joy.  However, when it’s time for the eaglets to leave the nest, the adult eagles use their talons to stir away the fur and soft bedding to expose the thorns and rocks, making it less comfortable for the babies; thus they will choose to leave the nest and try to fly.

So it is with God in our journey of life.

I believe that, as God’s children, He allows a “stirring of our nest,” so to speak, to help us find that new and better place. If we only stay in our comfortable place or comfort zone, we may never realize our full potential.

We all have free choice, and there are times that our choices should force us to seek, grow, and soar to find new and better places both physically and psychologically.   It is up to us to use the times of uncomfortable “stirring” to better ourselves and discover our full potentials.

Eagles aren’t destined to stay in a soft, cushy nest. They must learn to soar. And we are wise to do the same!


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